Registration and Welcome Tea/Coffee

9.00am - 9.05am

Harmandar Singh
Organising Chairman, Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) 2013

9.05am - 9.10am

John D Chacko
President, International Advertising Association (IAA) Malaysia

9.10am - 9.20am

Opening Remarks
Y Bhg. Dato' Mohamad Kamarudin Hassan
Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE)

9.25am - 9.50am

Opening Keynote Address - Mould-Breaking Digital Media Ideas!
Graham Kelly
Regional ECD - Isobar, Aegis-Dentsu Digital Network

9.55am - 10.15am

Is Big Data Breaking The Mould For Marketing And Media?
Michael Hawkins
Customer Intelligence & Big Data Consultant

Big Data is the latest buzz word in Marketing and its proponents have promised that it will transform the way we connect with our customers. With untold amounts of structured and unstructured data being made available even to the smallest brands, what is the reality for Marketing in Malaysia?

Michael will explain what Big Data really is, how it can be used to give insight into the customer and how it can be used to drive revenue and profit in the real world. With a unique background of experience from research, retail and analytics.

Michael will share inspiring case studies from the world of Big Data and it’s potential applications in the Malaysian market.

  • Why traditional marketing analysis is no longer working
  • Why Big Data is set to change the way youtalk to your customers
  • How to start on the Big Data journey
  • Applications to ensure your business is Relevant, Pro-active and Automated

10.20am - 10.45am

Mobile - The Next Paradigm for Marketers is Already Here!
Rohit Dadliwal
Managing Director Asia Pacific Mobile Marketing Association

Mobile has become a critical part of the marketing mix as it offers an unparalleled means for marketers to connect with consumers in an immediate, personal, and effective manner. It helps build participation and offers a greater level of interactivity on top of other less-interactive traditional media. Research shows that mobile dominates customer usage across all devices and it is time for marketers to adopt a more mobile centric approach. An enthusiastic evangelist of mobile, Rohit has his finger on the pulse of the mobile marketing ecosystem in Asia-Pacific and will demonstrate the power of mobile to fuel the entire media landscape, making everything bigger, better and longer-lasting.

10.50am - 11.15am

Coffee / Tea Networking Break

11.20am - 11.45am

Online Behaviour - An Anecdotal Journey
Richard Hall
Managing Director The Nielsen Company Malaysia & Singapore

A study of user behavior and key drivers relevant to the media planner, though the lens of a market researcher wearing a marketing hat. Get a confident picture of who, where, why and why not about the Malaysian Online user across the different platforms.

11.45am - 1.00pm

Power Hour
Content Explosion - The Conversation
This exclusive sharing session features presentations and a Panel Discussion comprising content creators, distributors, digital media, and new IPTV players. The content you consume shapes your reality. People say content is king, and social is the future, so how do you embrace the future. Good content is evergreen and builds long- term relationships with consumers, it has no expiry date. It’s hard to convert your leads into consumers without content. So does your brand have content? Is your content social? Is your content occupying Malaysia’s social feeds?


Chris Wee, Head of Strategy, SAYS.com
Where do people consume content? Content Distribution is as important as the content itself.

Jin, jinnyboy TV & Hitz.fm Dj
Is there a recipe for viral social content that gets millions watching?

Jeremy Neyman, Business Director, Catcha Digital
How do we make brands relevant when producing content? Case study on a male focused content site.

Lam Swee Kim, Group GM - Media Prima Digital
What are the challenges faced when integrating traditional content into digital, and how do we overcome it?

Ahmad Izmir, Founder, IZI Media Group (Max Man TV)
Maxman.tv is an IPTV channel that delivers raw, uncensored, gritty, male-centred shows for free

Izham Abdullah, CEO, KL Five Sdn Bhd
KL5 is a new IPTV channel that addresses the needs of 16million users in Malaysia getting their fix on entertainment anytime, anywhere and any device: TV Everywhere.


Siva Chandran, Voize Music Factory

  • Why Content works?
  • What is good / bad content?
  • When is the best time to do content?
  • How is social content different from traditional content?
  • Where do Malaysians consume content?
  • How do we go about content marketing?
  • How do we make content social?

1.00pm - 2.00pm

Lunch & Networking

2.00pm - 3.00pm

Winning Media Case Studies

Award-winning media campaigns that rocked the market. Listen to the creators explain the how and why, plus results of their innovative ideas. Top media specialists like Carat, Universal McCann, Starcom, Zenith, Maxus, MediaCompete, Mindshare and more are slated to take the stage and share their cutting edge work. This will be the first time you will have the chance to see up close the real reasons and secrets behind great innovative media campaigns in Malaysia.

3.00pm - 3.30pm

Warc Innovations In Media 2013 Global Winners
Edward Pank
Managing Director, Warc Asia Pacific

3.30pm - 4.00pm

Coffee/Tea Networking Break


Malaysian General Elections 2013 - Overview of Online Search
Sajith Sivanandan
Country Head, Google Malaysia

The latest Malaysian General Elections was the most close-fought ever in the history of the country. Compared to the previous elections in 2008, this time around the impact of Search, Social Media and online sharing platforms were more defined and played a key role in the sentiment of voters. For the first time, Google Malaysia is sharing exclusively their take on how Malaysians searched online during GE13 to understand the digital sentiment leading up to voting day.


Evolution of Social To Epicenter of Digital Eco-System
Matt Sutton
Managing Director, Komli Play & Engage, Global

Twitter is the fastest growing social media platform out there and it’s micro-blogging format has given it a very unique footing in the social media eco-system and seen it play a key role in the way people interact with planned events like the elections, olympics and un-planned ones like hurricanes and revolutions.

Matt will illustrate how Twitter’s unique combination of mobile access, large reach and short messaging is making it the way people everywhere connect instantly to what’s most important to them.There will be an introduction on the impact this brave new world has had on the way in which brands need to communicate in the social media space and how the international roll-out of Twitter’s promoted product suite is enabling brands to achieve their marketing goals, as well as examples and case studies.

  • The impact of social on society in terms of how we understand the world around us
  • An understanding of how social has moved from the margins to centre of the digital eco-system
  • The impact of social on the traditional marketing funnel
  • An introduction to Twitter’s marketing platform and how social media advertisers can blend organic and promoted activity on social media platforms
  • Real life examples of one of leading brands achieving marketing goals from social media and the challenges they have faced


Media Specialists Need to Break The Mould for Marketing Breakthroughs!
Henry Tan
Chief Operating Officer, Astro

Henry has more mould-breaking tales and insights to share. At the talk, he will also contemplate with you the latest trend - customised media. “With media consumption rapidly becoming personalised, are TV viewership ratings getting irrelevant, ushering in the age of relevance ratings?”


Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) Award Winner 2013 - A Special Tribute


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