Competition Overview

The Young Spikes Malaysia 2019 Competitions offer creatives aged 30 or under a unique chance to gain recognition and make their mark on the industry. In teams of two, the entrants race against the clock to prepare a pitch for a charity or sponsor brief and win a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal. Gold winners get a trip to Spikes Asia 2019 to compete on the Asian stage. 


Live Competition

In the local live competitions representatives completely replicate the environment teams will experience in Cannes. Setting a brief by a charity/NGO or a Client sponsor if this is within the sponsorship package, providing teams with a booth or area to work in for 24 hours and asking teams to hand in work in person. Some representatives also allow teams from Media, Marketers or PR to present their work to a panel of judges to completely mirror the Cannes Lions experience.

Live Competition and Judging

On a set date, the teams will come together to attend a live briefing by the NGO/partner who set the competition brief. The NGO/partner and competition are kept confidential until the live briefing.

After the competition briefing, the teams are given 24 hours (48 hours for the Integrated competition) to complete their competition brief and submit a PDF version to the organizer. This is the same version that they will use to present to the jury.

At the live judging, each team will have 10 minutes to present their campaign idea followed by a Q&A session (no time limit) with the jury. Live judging only for Young Spikes Integrated , Young Spikes Media and Young Spikes PR.

After all the teams have completed their presentations, the jury will deliberate on the Gold, Silver and Bronze entries. All the teams then gather again to hear the results.

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