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Registration and Morning coffee/tea
8.55am – 9.05am
Opening Speech
by Organising Chairman
Harmandar Singh aka Ham
9.10am – 9.30am
Influencing Influentials
Opening Address - Andreas Vogiatzakis
Managing Director, Malaysia

Andreas will talk about Influencing Influentials, or... Harnessing the Rising Speed of Influence

  • Internet ad spending vs internet penetration
  • Power of the Influencers - the tipping point
  • Power to the Influencers - not “if”, but “when”
  • How the speed of Information is influencing opinions and behavior
  • Why Authorities and Institutions are replaced with peer-based information
  • One constant amongst changing rules: interruption is ostracized from the influencers’ world
  • The Barriers are Broken:
    • Who creates content
    • Who distributes content
    • Who differentiates personal and public personas
    • Who is the “expert”, here and around the world
9.30am – 10.00am
Monetizing the Social Media Opportunity
Matt Sutton - Managing Director, Aktiv Digital

Matt is a master at Monetizing the Social Media Opportunity. His presentation will cover:

  • Social Media, biggest communication revolution since the internet
  • Commercial opportunities always follow the consumer
  • Who are the key stakeholders
  • Content creators: creating media space with full suite of advertising opportunities: Sales Vendors, advertising intermediaries
  • Agencies: consulting intermediaries with full suite of functions such as planning and buying functions, PR functions, campaign management, creative functions, research functions
  • Tracking tools: for tracking profile and perception across social media
  • Brands: advertising opportunities to increase market share, affiliate opportunities to shift product directly on the site
  • Recent trends example of some clarity in how to maximize monetization opportunities: Facebook partnership with Pay Pal/Twitter monetizing tweets, and more
  • Case Study: The one they all want to be is QQ!
10.05 - 10.40am
Your competition wants you to keep ignoring social media!
Lee Smith - CEO of Digital OMG Asia Pacific

Lee has his mind set on the mantra you hear a lot of these days, much to your detriment of course: Your competition wants you to keep ignoring social media!

He will journey with you on how to get your head around the basics of social media, how can you play in the social space without hiring a team of 20 to manage the conversation, and Lee will also cover:

  • Socialising social media within your organisation
  • Exploring why our social media skills go away when we need to apply them to marketing
  • Using technology to prove your case for Social Media investment
  • Social Media – the biggest research panel you have ever used.
10.40am – 11.00am
Coffee/Tea Break & Corporate Networking
11.05am – 11.40am
Have Media Specialists got Social right?
Robbie Hills - RockYou, Asia-Pacific and
GroupM's former Regional Head of Search

Robbie has worked on many sides of the digital fence. He will cover key issues that have been left answered by media specialists when talking to marketers with the theme: Have Media Specialists got Social right? His topic will address:

  • Who owns a clients social media strategy – the media agency, the planning agency, the PR agency or the creative agency.
  • The lines are blurred and continue to be so…
  • Do media agencies actually need social media specialists and can they add value?
  • Can digital teams be aware of all that is involved when planning social media strategies?
  • Should in-house experts be used or third parties – Generalists vs Experts?
  • How do clients ensure they understand what is being delivered from social media?
11.45am – 12.15pm
Word of Mouth Marketing is everywhere!
Ian McKee, CEO, Vocanic Asia

Ian is already a successful evangelist of Word of Mouth Marketing in the region having conducted two sold out workshops in KL recently. This time client will love his subject: The ROI of Recommendation via WoM and Social Media!

  • Advocacy is new KPI
  • The NPS (Net Promoter Score) to Brand Success equation
  • Why it is important to be “Liked”
  • The cost of retaining a bad customer. Bugbears can ruin your social plans
  • Good Profits, Bad Profit – why the marketer needs to know the difference (even if the accounts can’t)
  • Social Media is the vector for the Recommendation
  • USP is now the Unique Sharing Propositioning
  • How to Measure, Manage and Amplify your Advocacy
12.20pm – 1.00pm

Panel Discussion:
Social Media – how to play the game?

Pamela Yap,Director – New Media Business, New Business & Broadcast Service Sales, Astro


Lee Smith - CEO of Digital, OMG Asia Pacific
Ian McKee, CEO, Vocanic Asia
Matt Sutton - Managing Director, Aktiv Digital
Ruben Eduardo Maislos – Founder & VP, Pudding Media
Robbie Hills - RockYou, Asia-Pacific

1.00pm – 2.00pm
2.05pm – 3.00pm
Special Guest Speaker by The London Speaker Bureau!
Bob Borchers - Global Innovation Guru, Co-Developer of Apple’s iPhone
Former Senior Director of Worldwide Product Marketing - iPhone
3.05pm - 3.10pm
MMC 2010 Award Presentation – Leadership in Innovation
The Future of Social Media on the Go:
Christian Cadeo, AdMob AsiaPac

Christian is no stranger to mobile advertising ,working with AdMob, one of the world’s largest mobile advertising network, who recently published its quarterly Southeast Asian Mobile Metrics Report that provides industry statistics and mobile trend analysis. With mobile traffic increasing in Malaysia to 161.4 million in the first quarter of this year, he will share with you on The Future of Social Media on the Go:

  • The rise of the next generation mobile via iPhone and Android
  • How this plays into the dynamic of mobile social networking in Malaysia.
  • How brands and marketers can use mobile advertising to build ongoing relationships with their customers
  • How will technological innovation inspire and marketers to go mobile
3.45pm – 4.05pm
Coffee/Tea Break/submission of questions for Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion:
So who’s coming to the Social Media party?

Angeli Beltran, Regional Senior Director, Dentsu Asia Digital Division

Andreas Vogiatzakis, MD of OMG
Prashant Kumar - CEO, Universal McCann
Roy Tan – MD, Carat
Ranganathan Somanathan – CEO, StarcomMediavestGroup
Henry Tan – COO, Astro TV


Thank You and Closing
by Organising Chairman
Harmandar Singh aka Ham, CEO of ADOI


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