Young Spikes Media Competition

Teams are challenged to use their business insight and strategy skills to develop an innovative media strategy and plan with 24 hours.
The fast-paced Young Spikes Media Competition gives teams of young creatives just two days to develop an innovative media strategy, crafting a media campaign from a real-time client brief and showcasing their business insight and strategy skills.

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This is a hunt for creative talent who can develop a media strategy with the potential to drive business results. It’s all about creating a media campaign that boasts strategic thinking and original ideas.
Please refer full rules and regulations here.


Teams are expected to develop an innovative media strategy detailing how the idea will be executed. The strategic idea must be demonstrated clearly across the selected media channels.

Teams must submit:

  • 10 slide PowerPoint
  • The written explanation (450 words)
  • Describe the creative idea/insights (150 words) Research and data gathering
  • Describe the strategy (150 words) Target audience, media planning and approach
  • Describe the execution (150 words) Implementation, media channels and integration, timeline and scale

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