Sime Darby Convention Centre | April 2 | MALAYSIAN MEDIA CONFERENCE 2012
Malaysian Media Conference 2012 will be held at the Sime Darby Convention Centre on April 2.
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The theme for the coming Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) 2012 is Digital Disclosures. As most are aware, the question is now not whether marketers should embrace digital (web, online, mobile, etc.) but the issue of Digitial Decision making or indecision as it were. Marketers now have so many channels to choose from and it’s a landmine of sorts for fear of not choosing a channel their competitors may choose to dominate in.

Dissect the digital dilemmas facing the industry and engage in digital dialogues with industry experts first-hand. MMC will attempt to unravel the issues in terms of understanding the new connected user, optimisation of current working processes (role of technology), managing client expectations and Big Data through these exciting times ahead.

The Malaysian Media Conference will frame this scenario and the way for ward for all thinking media practitioners...

MMC Digital Disclosure # 9: Andreas goes beyond the horizon!

Marketing has gone social. Influence has gone social. That’s not a surprise. Surprising is the speed at which social technologies have changed the way we live our lives. Beyond the Horizon explores what is actually driving us and therefore what is driving technological development. It paints a picture of society as well as the marketing and advertising industry in 2016 and beyond. Malaysian Media Conference speaker Andreas Vogiatzakis, MD of OMG and PHD Malaysia, tells us more...


MMC Digital Disclosure #8: The blur between TV and online!

Clearly one of the star speakers at the coming Malaysian Media Conference on April 2, Dean Donaldson is Global Director of Media Innovation for MediaMind advertising technology solutions. A dynamic public speaker, he has delivered presentations at over a 100 industry events across more than 30 countries around the world. With a creative background and futurist outlook, Dean is a recognised expert at navigating through the maze of emerging media and serves on many industry councils. He interviewed him over email for the coming Conference...


MMC Digital Disclosure #7: Is Television the new Digital Central?

TV is not falling off the living room shelves anytime soon; in fact it has moved centre-stage. As Malaysian Media Conference 2012 speaker Dean Donaldson, Global Director of Media Innovation MediaMind, pointed out, "It is estimated that 25% of consumers go online after seeing a TV ad. That's a huge spike right there. That's not to mention that half of all TV watchers have a second electronic device in their hands, such as a smart phone or tablet ..."

We approach Henry Tan, COO of Astro and ex Head of GroupM Malaysia, on his 'fast and furious' thoughts moving forward ...Read more >>

MMC Digital Disclosure #6: Are you ready for Big Data?

Roy Tan heads Carat Media in Malaysia and in many ways you can call him a digital boss. Having cut his teeth in the interactive side of the business, Roy now helms the entire Carat portfolio with the agility of a diplomat while keeping a hawkish eye on new business opportunities. We talk to to Roy about his passion for digital....

How will the issue of Big Data affect media planning?
It will literally change the way agencies think and feel around communications. You have both quantitative aspects and qualitative aspects. The challenge for a lot of the media agencies out there will be the qualitative aspects. What stays the same? Those who have the strongest connection with clients’ brands.Read more >>

MMC Digital Disclosure #5: Digital Dilemma plagues Malaysian marketers!

One cannot trivialise the impact of digital media. Malaysia has 18 million internet users already and has 11 million (68%) on Facebook, which makes it Asia's 4th highest. Our mobile ad market grew 37% in the third quarter of last year to over 1 billion mobile ad impressions. No wonder they say that whoever dominates mobile will be the leader moving forward.

It’s a matter of time before mobile becomes the new normal. Industry stats last December show that 57% of mobile web users in Malaysia are accessing the web via their mobile devices, 50% while waiting for something and 47% while lying in bed. Read more >>

MMC Digital Disclosure #4: Why the interest in Pinterest?

Pinterest is a visually-driven social bookmarking site.

With its innovative graphic interface, it's a virtual pinboard. Pinterest lets users organize and share all the interesting things they find on the web. Users can also browse pinboards created by other people and interact with them. We talk to Malaysian Media Conference (MMC) 2012 speaker Kenneth Yu, CEO of Spurpress on Read more >>

MMC Digital Disclosure #3: Will Digital replace Traditional Broadcast?

What's the game changer in Digital radio? How's the digital future playing out for AMP?

Media convergence for radio is no different from convergence for others in the media industry – digital solutions are now the norm, not an option, five years from now. Different radio operators adopt different digital solutions – for AMP it's developing a device strategy for continued streaming apart from online. For us, a device strategy should be cost-effective, reaches the smartphone audience (5.2 million in Malaysia) and is great for content distribution as it must reach them anytime, anywhere, anyhow. Read more >>

MMC Digital Disclosure #2: Will Digital replace Traditional Broadcast?

In a world of multiple screens and mobile, isn't Digital already replacing TV?

It's not a question of the TV or the internet. It's a question of the TV AND the internet. Both feed each other and both need each other. TV is still an event and the event will drive content on digital devices. We will see a more solid symbiotic relationship between the two once the dust settles on how people look at the co-existing relationship between the two. Read more >>

MMC Digital Disclosure #1: What makes Malaysian Onliners tick?
Drivers of online behavior relevant for today's media professionals. We talk to Rajesh Kumar, Deputy MD of TNS Research International Malaysia.

How would you say online and offline audiences differ?

Online and Offline audiences don't differ as such - they are mostly the same people. The eco-system and the expression it allows for and the different platforms therein lead to differences in profile of people who will adopt these platforms. And that would lead to differences in behaviour and responses, being driven by the inherent characteristics of the eco-system/platform. Read more >>

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Monday 2 April, 2012 / 8.30am - 5.00pm
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