The Rise of Mobile Video Ads

06 August 2014

by Manish Mishra, Vice President (Sales), Buzzcity

 ( - If there’s one form of advertising that brands and consumers alike are most comfortable with, it’s bound to be video. Online video advertisements are becoming increasingly popular. Television commercials have been a staple form of advertising for decades. However, video advertising on mobile has over performed which makes it increasingly popular on social media sites. By one estimate, consumers spend nearly one hour a day watching digital video, while video ad spend rose 55 per cent in the first quarter, notes the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).

Relevantly, BuzzCity has launched a new in-house rich media platform to make it easier for advertisers to serve video ads to mobile consumers across the globe. With the BuzzCity platform, mobile video advertising starts with a banner which expands into a video window with one click by the consumer.


With consumers spending more time online and on mobile, it’s no surprise that advertisers are also shifting resources as agencies also set up new units to create digital content and convert TVCs for wider distribution.

Honda recently announced that it will pull money from television ads to launch its own music-streaming channel. The car-maker also plans to create new content by sponsoring high-profile concerts and music tours. The total spend is expected to be more than US$53 million, equivalent to Honda’s 2013 cable TV budget.

Facebook has just started offering video ads in seven new countries: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and the UK.

Who’s advertising on mobile?

An increasing diversity of advertisers adopting mobile as an advertising channel. Movie promotions for  example, are beginning to reflect the inclusion of mobile as part of mainstream advertising. Despite the variety of inventive ways of marketing a movie (especially with interactivity via mobiles and social media) the objective of movie marketing is to boost footfalls to the cinema. Movie promotions over the last six months feature free merchandise to encourage more to enjoy the cinematic experience. During this period too, traditional retailers and online stores competed for audiences as e-commerce and m-commerce begin to converge on various mobile platforms.

Trending Video Advertisements during World Cup

This year, we have seen a rise in ads on YouTube where more than 1.2 billion minutes of World Cup ads have already been watched during the first round. That’s four times more than one of the world’s premier sporting (and advertising) events – the US Super Bowl where 40 per cent of YouTube views are on mobile. The trendiest World Cup ads include Activia’s spot featuring Shakira for the World Food Programme plus video by Nike, Adidas and Samsung.

While BuzzCity will deliver your video ads to your target audience, wherever they may be, we do not host the videos themselves. So the place to do this is on YouTube - it’s free, reliable and has servers around the world. The downside though is that YouTube often places ads before the videos it hosts, which means that consumers could be forced to watch an ad before your ad. You can be sure that Samsung and the other World Cup pros won’t stand for that!


Manish is Vice President of BuzzCity and oversees the business development for the company. This seasoned media professional has spent the last 8 years in mobile display marketing servicing a diverse list of clients across South Asia and South East Asia.

Manish currently leads BuzzCity’s Business Development initiatives and oversees the management of BuzzCity’s India operations.

Source: BuzzCity


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