Samsung’s Amazing Start To The New Year

05 January 2015

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Samsung kick-starts 2015 with a new global campaign that carries the uplifting message to be as amazing as we can be. Released to coincide with the beginning of the New Year, the inspiring feel of the video carries the theme of hopeful ambition and looks to resonate well with Malaysians especially.

For a change, the video’s focus is on selected individuals that best represent a Samsung user; instead of featuring fancy footage of the products – showing that the brand’s commitment moves towards helping people realise their potential and dream using Samsung’s innovative technology.

The campaign features 4 people with amazing ideas varying from eco-tourism and urban farming to entrepreneurship and cooking.

“At the heart of the ‘Start Amazing’ film is real people - a campaigner, an urban farmer, a cook and an entrepreneur. Through Samsung technology, they’ve come to realise that ‘amazing’ is inside them, regardless of who they are or where they come from”, said Wain Choi, Vice President & Global Executive Director of Cheil Worldwide.

The ‘Start Amazing’ campaign is set out to invest in the potential of inspiring individuals; “Samsung’s culture of innovation is reaching beyond products to help people everywhere realise their potential by letting them know how technology can make a difference in their lives and the lives of others”, said the director of Brand Strategy Group at Samsung Electronics.


Ad Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Global Executive Creative Director: Wain Choi
Copywriter: Alberto Rodriguez
Art Director: Jihoon Park, Jinho Kim, Hoon Bong, Gyu Kim
Account Director: Jongbin JB Lee
Account Manager: Taewon Woo
Account Executive: Taejong TJ Kim
Project Manager: Myungchul David Moon
PR Manager: Soomee Moon

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