Dump 'Client is Almighty' Thinking!

02 April 2015

(Marketingmagazine.com.my) - CLIENTS or marketers are normal human beings and consumers like you and I. They all have jobs to do, like all of us in advertising and media. Targets to reach, sales to make, KPIs to meet and bosses to please. Agencies pander to marketers because they are a financial lifeline, a prestigious brand for their agency portfolio ie. bragging rights and a chance to shine if all factors work. There’s nothing wrong with doing the best for one’s clients. After all advertising many say advertising is a service business. But is it really? .... One can get distracted by blind devotion and ignore the reason why ad agencies exist.

 Raison d'être Ad agencies exist for only one reason: IDEAS. Not because they are nice people willing to do the client’s bidding or to make the boardroom look sexy. They are relevant because they generate ideas. Enough cannot be said about this. To assume otherwise is simply infantile! Now that there is clarity of being and purpose, the next question is how creative are Malaysian ad agencies? Malaysia is worldranked 30th in terms of ad market size Where in the world is Malaysian advertising going? To gauge the momentum of the ad industry in most countries, one can parallelise growth of GDP to advertising expenditure growth.

In 2008 and 2009, Malaysia was ranked 17th in the creative rankings. In 2010, plummeted to 45th. In 2011 and 2012, we recovered a bit, dragging ourselves to 26th. But in 2013, we ended up at 50th! This is according to the Gunn Report, the global index for creative excellence in advertising and is considered the creative rankings benchmark worldwide. Its recent report is based on the results of 45 global, regional and national creative award contests. We dominated the Cannes Lions once! Another benchmark is the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity show held in the south of France every June. The good news is 10 years ago Malaysia won the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Outdoor advertising, the winning agency being JWT Malaysia.

That means we were the best of the best globally. In 2006, we won the most number of Cannes metal awards (minus Australia) across Asia-Pacific. So what happened since then? Nothing seismic, I’m afraid… The good news however is we can regain our worldbeating crown if we work together with marketers, as we did 10 years ago. Fame keeps the flame going! Who doesn’t want fame, especially in front of 10,000 people from all around the globe plus worldwide exposure. More clients are beating their path to the Cannes Lions every year because of this. Agencies and client can celebrate victories and successes together.

That’s enough motivation for any agency to embrace creative accomplishments and raise the creative bar with their clients! Award Winning Work Sells Here’s PROOF! The ‘Do Award Winning Commercials Sell?’ study has come to be recognised as by far the most comprehensive and conclusive study ever conducted into the relationship between creativity and effectiveness on a worldwide basis. Thanks to the help of 186 different advertising agencies (and clients) in 28 different countries, Donald Gunn (Gunn Report now) was able to gather together and analyse the case histories associated with the 400 most awarded commercials and campaigns in the world in the 4 year period 1992-1995. The ‘Do Award Winning Commercials Sell?’ study provides overwhelming evidence that commercials which are based on the right message and in addition deliver it and translate it freshly, charmingly, engagingly and intelligently work better than commercials with the right message but which lack these creative qualities. Indeed that commercials with award winning qualities are two and a half times more likely, versus commercials on average, to be associated with marketplace success.

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