CMO Talk: Eric Wong, IBM Malaysia

06 April 2015

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Top on the agenda for every marketer in 2015 is the shift from advertising centric to content centric marketing. This involves the adoption of marketing automation tools for digital engagement, cross channel integration with a focus on data-driven marketing.

I believe 2015 is the year for Digital Marketing to go mainstream. Businesses that want to stay ahead of the competition and to differentiate themselves from the rest will have to invest in Marketing Automation and to capitalise on analytics to execute data-driven precision marketing. As marketers, the greatest challenge is to stay ahead in technology adoption and to be able to leverage the right marketing tools, both digital and traditional channels, and to engage customers in real time and at every touchpoint effectively and seamlessly.

The fact is, not many marketers are well verse in digital marketing and using analytics effectively and consistently. We are in the era of the smart and connected consumers and the challenge for marketers is on how to develop content that are relevant, unbiased and valuable to customers. Marketers also need to understand their customers as individuals and to map their customer journey for effective engagement. Smart marketers are moving away from hard selling and towards collaborative engagement. An approach towards winwin collaboration.

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