Billboard Of The Year 2014!

05 January 2015

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Clearly a marketer with balls of steel who has taken the art of hard sell to stratospheric levels. 
Literally translated, the headline says “Let us lose money, so long as you are satisfied”! 
The headlines promises that Mr D.I.Y. will pay for the GST on purchases. Gives a new 
twist on the GST confusion? Or just some clever play on words to entice with brutal truth? 
Talk about how a little confession can get you lots of compassion (in the words of Bill Bernbach), 
this billboard campaign with the same headline is running across all major highways and shouts  
out like a beacon to all travellers. This has earned the campaign our Billboard of the Year accolade. 
Obviously their tone of honesty has paid off.
Mr. D.I.Y. opened its first outlet in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman in 2005 and recently opened their 111th outlet at Giant Hypermarket Kampar. With the motto "Always Low Prices”, they carry mostly items made from China at very cheap prices. Their products are sourced directly from local and foreign suppliers to provide customers with a wide range of products at affordable prices. From hardware, household, electrical, stationery, sports to gifts, jewellery & cosmetics, car accessories and toys.
Customers must be 'diy'-ing to get there!

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