A new entertainment start up takes off with a rock star at its helm

11 September 2017

There is nothing ordinary about Rocketfuel Entertainment, from the titles on their name cards to the company’s mission statement. 

MARKETING spoke to Rocketfuel’s new Admiral, a veteran in the entertainment scene, Moots, who has worn multiple hats from radio announcer, digital strategist to becoming the lead vocalist for South East Asia’s most celebrated band Pop Shuvit. 

MARKETING: What is Rocketfuel?

Moots: We are a talent management company with a digital edge. Essentially we represent today’s talents in all facets of their career. We cover talent management, training and development, conventional and non-conventional talent services including digital content creation, brand management and more. 

We mainly have three divisions which are Rocketfuel network (digital content creation), Rocketfuel Records (Music label) and Rocketfuel Talent (360 talent management) and we provide a multitude of services that cut across the creative and digital space. 

MARKETING: Under Rocketfuel, you guys have some of the nations biggest talents including Zizan Razak (2.55 million followers on Twitter / 4.3 million followers on Instagram) and Lisa Surihani (3.78 million followers on Twitter / 3 million followers on Instagram) have you already begun working together with these talents? 

Moots: We have already been working together with these influencers on various brand campaigns and collaborating with them to build their digital footprint through content creation. Take Zizan for example he is currently preparing for his role in Polis Evo 2, to get himself in fighting fit form, sports brand New Balance has not only sponsored him their apparel for his training but also gotten Astro’s Datuk Jake Abdullah (who is also a New Balance ambassador) to train him for his role. So far the traction has been great with Zizan’s fan’s following and encouraging him throughout his fitness journey. In terms of brand collaboration, this is the type of engagement we are looking at doing, one which is relevant to their lifestyle and the platforms they are pushing it out on.

Apart from working together with brands, we are also working together with our talents to expand their brand presence on multiple platforms. With Zizan we are also working together with him to build his digital content with several new series in the pipeline for his YouTube channel (Zizanology) and also merchandising for him with the Rocketfuel brand. 

MARKETING: Will the content creation and merchandising be done by Rocketfuel be done in-house? 

Moots: Yes they will be done in house and leading creative direction will be Eddy Lim who has been within the creative industry for many years. Not only will Eddy be collaborating with the talents to create new content products together but he will also be in charge of developing their merchandising- something he is no stranger to having founded the local streetwear brand Mutha Puaka. 


We have exciting things in the pipeline including a new rap-cypher series on YouTube with Joe Flizzow, a puppet created by us that has already been making waves online with over 1.2 million views on social media called Harry Kok Siew Yok and many more.  


Looking beyond Malaysia we also have Rocketfuel’s first regional talent Chaleeda Gilbert from Thailand who released her first Thai single on 18 August with over 1.3 million views on YouTube in just over 10 days.  Her first English single will be released regionally in October. 

This is only the tip of the iceberg, read the full interview in our September-October issue and find out what else is powering Roketfuel from regional talent management to how they are re-imagining how influencer marketing should really work. 

Find out more on Roketfuel’s offering and read their unique company mission statement here


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